Lima 1200

Ik wilde een Lima 1200 gebruiken om te kijken of ik de motor kon vervangen. Daarnaast wilde ik dit model een beetje opknappen.Niet te veel, accepteren dat dingen verkeerd gaan en die fouten ook gewoon laten zitten. Uiteindelijk ging het mij niet om het perfecte model (ik heb al een […]

Addon for Graphics

The Addon will provide functionality to show and create graphical objects. For now it is limited to charts The code is based on the Microsoft Chart object and the Gantt chart library ( To use the AddOn, enable it via the settings (ALT-SHIFT-S). Examples are also provided in the examples […]

Occupancy Detectors

Buying feedback/occupancy detector modules for a model railroad can cost a lot of money, so I wanted to use a DIY solution for this as well. There are a lot of examples that can be found on internet and I tried the three modules below.Note that I did not test […]

Olive Symphony

Every now and then a question comes up for the recovery CD’s for the older Olive Symphony. A search on the internet found out that this is the same unit as the Hifidelio. The software for these machines is still available here. Take a good look at the warning: The […]

Olive Android App

The Olive android App can be downloaded from here. There are two versions, one is obtained from the forum, the other one I found on I have not tested both of them, so use at own risk.


On the OpenDCC website, a schematic can be found for a reverser. This reverser automatically changes the polarity when the current is bigger than 2A (normally a short). The polarity can also be changed via an external switch or decoder, so a short can be avoided… I changed the original […]