Tips and Tricks

This part contains all posts about the Olive Audio System.

Olive Symphony

Every now and then a question comes up for the recovery CD’s for the older Olive Symphony. A search on the internet found out that this is the same unit as the Hifidelio. The software for these machines is still available here. Take a good look at the warning: The […]

Olive Android App

The Olive android App can be downloaded from here. There are two versions, one is obtained from the forum, the other one I found on I have not tested both of them, so use at own risk.

Another backup method…

After software version 4.1.9, an incremental backup method was introduced. However, the Olive 4 software stopped at 4.1.9. So therefore, with every backup, all data was copied. That could last more than 24 hours, so Franck “frolic” and Marc “Mumsoft” at the AVSforum came up with the following method based […]

Internet Down?

Every now and then, Olive internet connection turns from white to amber even thought internet is available. As a result, Internet Radio is disabled. The reason for this is that Olive does a check if the website is available. If the website is not available, bad luck, no internet… […]

SSH to Olive

If you don’t know what SSH is and how to use it, it is best not to even start reading… Ok, then.. SSH is a method to access the internals of the Olive (or any other linux machine). Via a program like Putty or WinSCP, the Olive can be connected […]