DCC Accesory Decoder: firmware for Time

New firmware is available for the Lydo DCC Accesory decoder that controls the output, based on time.
With this we can control all output and it’s behaviour via time intervals that run from 25 milliseconds to 27 minutes. And there are 100 intervals available to set, so the time for a complete loop can vary between 25 ms to almost 46 hours. Also the option for multiple loops is available.

The code is again based on the OpenDCC firmware. Since the settings are too difficult to set manually, a special windows program can create the eep (EEprom file) to load in to the microcontroller.

Some screen examples that shows how to set a loop of 10 minutes where each 30 seconds the output 4 -7 is changed. Output 0-3 remain active the whole time. Via address 1, the loop is active or not. Automatic start without DCC command is also possible.

Which will result in output like:

For more info, read the manual.