MQPut is a command program to put a message on a Websphere MQ queue. Also JMS Messages can be send!

There are two different versions (with a few small differences in the provided properties) v2 and higher makes use of IBM® MQ classes amqmdnet.dll and IBM.XMS.dll. All required DLL’s are embedded within the executable, so MQPut is a single executable file.

However, for sending JMS messages with the XMS library the IBM MQ client software needs to be installed. The program will also check or edit the registry, so admin rights are probably required.
If this is a problem, please use v1.3. No other dependencies or installments are required for this program. However, the error handling is  a bit limited and the size is much larger. It makes use of the java libraries and IKVM to use them within .NET.

MQPut V1.2 and v2.0 are based on MQ v7.5,  MQPut V1.3 is based on MQ v9.04! Also v1.3 is capable of sending JMS messages as Bytes.

The program is used with the commandline arguments: “MQPut SettingsFile MessageFile”. Please read the manual for the layout of the settingsfile.

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