Who or what is Olive?
Olive Media Inc.® is a U.S. based company that develops and sells Hifi digital Music Systems.
They are now focussing on the Olive One product but this site is just about the Olive 2, 4, 3HD (all three owned or still own) or 4HD, 5HD and 6HD (I have no experience with these units, but software wise they look the same).

What’s good? ┬áThe sound! And for me even more important, the concept of a device that looks good in your living room, can be controlled by your wife and does not rely on your television or tablet to be controlled. Also the metadata functionality can be pleasing for classical music lovers.What’s wrong? In general, low reliability, bad implementation and design of the software/firmware and metadata database, crappy coding and no customer service. That is not nice in particular when you found out that you cannot copy your, painstakingly ripped and tagged, music to a PC…

In these posts you can read about my experiences and those of others from the AVS forum, to save the sound and music of the Olive equipment.

Update June 2018: Olive seems to be out of business, their website is off line (again…)