Improved list of Composers & Conductors

Marc “Mumsoft” found out how to improve the list of composers and conductors in the Olive. This will improve the autocomplete code in Maestro.


A new file has to be placed on the Olive with the aid of ssh (see previous post: SSH to Olive). The instructions to do so:

  1. Download the following file and unzip the content:
  2. Run music on your Olive (don’t let it sleep!)
  3. Open your browser and go to http://your-olive-ip-address/builtDhtmlx.php
  4. When it asks for a username and password enter username “olive” and password “e4v1i5l9o”
  5. This should produce a message: command run successfully. The Olive is now open for ssh…

Now comes the real work, instructions are split for both Linux and Windows:


  1. Open a terminal console (command window).
  2. Type in: sshfs root@your-olive-ip-address:/ youremptymap.
    This “youremptymap” should be an empty map in your home directory. sshfs will prompt for a password, which is “tj270442”
    WARNING: “youremptymap” should be really empty or sshfs will do it for you!
  3. Now the map youremptymap will show the content of your Olive
  4. Rename “pl2_autocomplete.js” in youremptymap/zapp/zgui/client to “pl2_autocomplete_OLD.js”
  5. Copy the new file “pl2_autocomplete.js” to youremptymap/zapp/zgui/client
  6. Close sshfs with fusermount -u youremptymap


Download WinSCP and install it.

  1. Start WinSCP and open an session with the following settings:
    File Protocol: SFTP
    Host Name: Your olive IP,
    Portnumber: 22
    User name: root
    Password: tj270442
    Two factor auth: OFF
    Private Key: NO
  2. Via the file browser, go to /zapp/zgui/client
  3. Rename the current “pl2_autocomplete.js” file to “pl2_autocomplete_OLD.js” and drag and drop the new file to the folder in WinSCP.
  4. Close WinSCP

Resulting in: