Internet Down?

NoInternetEvery now and then, Olive internet connection turns from white to amber even thought internet is available. As a result, Internet Radio is disabled.
The reason for this is that Olive does a check if the website is available. If the website is not available, bad luck, no internet…

In the file “zapp\zdevicecfg\bin\” contains code (on multiple places)  to create a record in the configuration database “/data/zCFGDB”

I checked the zCFGDB database and it contains the record for ‘InternetTestSite’. I have not tested yet if changing this value helps to overcome the problem. However, Marc “MumSoft” found another solution to the problem. See “Official” Olive Thread Opus 4, Opus 6, Melody 2, Olive 2, Olive 4/ 4HD, 06HD and the following posts…

In “/etc/init.d/rcS” add the following code at the end of the file, just before ‘exit 0’:

Note that this is only tested on the Olive 4 and that internet connection shows always white, even if there is no connection.