Olive Troubleshoot Guide

olive4frontThere is a lot of information on the AVS forum about troubleshooting the Olive. However, the information is very scattered and a lot of questions are asked again after a while. This post contains links to the most used and informative posts on the forum. For now only the link to the troubleshootguide is shown, but information can be expanded on request.


  • Troubleshootguide, created by user WBK. Copy can be found here.
  • For backup, use a self-powered harddisk. DO NOT USE A USB-POWERED HARDDRIVE!
  • If the Olive website is down, some recoveryfiles can be downloaded here.


Note that there is in general not an ‘easy way’ to fix the olive. Start first with the simple things, but a lot of times, troubleshooting may require to do some linux stuff, opening an Olive, or do a complete refresh. I know that we bought an Olive for their “ease of use”, but unfortunately the Olives are not what they are supposed to be…

The Olive website is just as messy as their products.. Therefore it seems that the recovery files for the older models are no longer available to us. The recovery and update files that I have are placed here.