Some information you may have missed…

remotecontrolThe following information can not be found on internet or is deeply hidden.
I collected it in the last couple of years, just be aware that it is old information and may not be correct anymore.
On the other hand, it might be just the information that you’re looking for…

  • Opus & Melody User Manual
    This is the old manual for the Opus and Melody. It provides more information about the Metadata and tagging, especially related to the different screens. The link points to the olive site where it can still be downloaded.
  • Olive Tech Support Document
    This is the document that I received from the Olive helpdesk, back in the good old days when they sometimes responded to a customer…  Some things are obvious, but the part on wifi and routers were helpfull to me.
  • Feature Guide 419
    This document became available for software version 4.1.9.  For the Olive 2 and 4 owners, it would also be the last update..
  • RC5 Codes
    This document contains the RC5 remote control codes, maybe to replace the, more than ugly, plastic, shoebox-size, remote that was delivered with the Olive..