Tips and Tricks


The Textbox is based on the Fast Colored Textbox for Syntax Highlighting by Pavel Torgashov. See Adjustments and additions have been made, but this beautiful Textbox is his work and licensed under LPGL3 The Evaluator is based on Eval3 by Pascal Ganaye (see I also made some additons […]

Log Converter

Log converter is a small flexible (and free!) Windows program to help you analyzing your log files. It can filter text, count events, replace text, create (text) reports, save output and open other programs in one click! All log conversions are done via simple pseudo-code. Please read the manual and […]


I never liked repetitive, time-consuming jobs! Therefore I created lots of small programs in Windows to do the job for me. Even if it took me more work to program it, than to do the real job, it was still worth while.. The look on the face of the collegue… […]