Update 2023-06-01: New version of IT-Tool with some functionality and a bug fix in the parser. This will improve the run time drastically. Update 2023-01-01: New version of IT-Tool v4.3 with some new functionality and bug fixes. Includes Coordinates, Latitude, Longitude types and functions, addition of methods for bytes and […]


All software and documentation (if not stated otherwise) are property of the author: Gert-Jan Martens By downloading and installing the software, you agree to be legally bound by these terms of license. By downloading and/or reading/using the documentation, you agree to be legally bound by these terms of license. […]


I never liked repetitive, time-consuming jobs! Therefore I created lots of small programs in Windows to do the job for me. Even if it took me more work to program it, than to do the real job, it was still worth while.. The look on the face of the collegue… […]

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Just a ordinary guy with the mind of a 25½th year and a body of a 50th+ year old .. Too many kids and too little time, so updates for these pages will be very irregular. For information please contact me.