I never liked repetitive, time-consuming jobs!

Therefore I created lots of small programs in Windows to do the job for me. Even if it took me more work to program it, than to do the real job, it was still worth while.. The look on the face of the collegue… , and you know what? Repetitive in practical use means “never ending”! so it was fun to program and these tools are still used.  Some of these programs, will be made available to you.

logfileLog Converter was the first one. If you want your vital information from files like in this picture, this program can filter out the essential information. As it turned out, the functionality was so general and needed by other programs, I created it’s successor IT-Tool. This program uses a simple script language to handle File I/O, text adjustments, webservices, etc. It also has an easy way to create your own forms without extra code editing. Take a look at the manual and to the examples,  they provide a lot of information. And then? Just try…