Addon for PowerShell

powershell logoPowerShell (PS) is a very powerful script language, created by Microsoft. The addon expect that powershell is installed on the computer (from windows 7, it is per default installed). With this addon, PS files or PS scripts can be included within the IT-Tool script code.

Please note that not every PowerShell function is implemented, e.g. ‘Read-Host’ is not implemented. Since IT-Tool contains enough methods to obtain input, it should in general not be an issue.
‘Write’ is supported (although not in colour). Depending on the OutputSettings, the write commands will be returned in the result of a script run.

To use the AddOn, enable it via the settings (ALT-SHIFT-S). Examples are also provided in the examples zip file.

If you are interested in another way of running PowerShell scripts, please read the manual and try the example.