IT-Tool-IconIT-Tool is a lightweight tool that can perform actions and, more specifically, assist during testing and troubleshooting. Originally meant as a tool to find information in large log files, it is now expanded with functions and commands to send and receive web requests, handle File I/O, perform calculations and many more!

IT-Tool-1IT-Tool uses a script language to perform different kind of actions. The code is written in text files and can be changed on the fly, no compilation is required.
For example, the code line “Output = XMLAlign(Input)” will return XML input back to the text field, only now properly aligned.


It is also possible to add styles and images to the text field. The code flow has been significantly changed, e.g. ‘While’ loops, ‘If’ statements and evaluations are now possible, but still keeping the script language simple.

And not to forget, custom input and output screens can be made with some XML settings. Download the programs, examples and manuals when you want to start using IT-Tool. But don’t forget to check the Tips and Tricks section as well…IT-Tool-2