The Textbox is based on the Fast Colored Textbox for Syntax Highlighting by Pavel Torgashov. See Adjustments and additions have been made, but this beautiful Textbox is his work and licensed under LPGL3

The Evaluator is based on Eval3 by Pascal Ganaye (see I also made some additons to this code, but again the code is his good work and licenced under CPOL.

The main code flow is handled by my own parser. Again a lot of help came from the internet: Icemanind created a program for me to learn about parsers and regular expressions. His program is also licenced under COPL.

The AddOn for Powershell is based on different sources from the internet. However, the main source is PowerShellWorkBench by Mike Shepard:

The AddOn SSH-FTP is based on SSH.NET ( and is open source under the MIT license.  The FTP source is based on the FTP client library for NET ( and is open source under the CPOL license.

The AddOn JSON is based on ( and is open source under the MIT license.

The AddOn DB is based on System.Data.SQLite ( and is open source.

The Gantt chart in the Addon Graphics is based on the Gantt chart from Adagio.81 ( and is licenced under CPOL.

The MQPut tooling are based on the IBM MQ Client Libraries. Check the IBM License in the documentation.