Olive Troubleshooting Guide 2.0

troubleThis guide is a direct copy of the post by WBK in the AVS forum and is for the purpose of troubleshooting the Olive 03HD, 04HD AND 06HD Media Servers to correct various malfunctions including frozen or sluggish navigation screens, and restore normal functionality.

It is suggested that all the operations described below be done on a PC, unless otherwise indicated.

I. Software Update

All the operations described below require the Olive to have the latest software which can be updated as follows:

A. If your touch screen is responding to your touch, update the software the normal manner by going to:

settings – systems services – software update
B. If your touch screen is not responding to your touch, you can access the screen from your computer, update your software and possibly correct display/navigation problems by launching the browser on your computer and entering the following address:

http://192.168.1.xxx/index.php or


where xxx is that part of the address unique to your Olive

A representation of the navigation screen should come up on your computer screen and you should be able control the various functions displayed on the screen using your computer, including checking and updating the software (“settings – systems services – software update”)
Also, this, in itself may cause the touchscreen to regain full functionality.

II. To possibly correct display/navigation problems:

A. Launch the browser on your computer and enter the following address:

B. Click on  Artists  >>  choose an artist  >>  choose a song  >>  play

As in section I. above, a representation of the navigation screen may come up on your computer screen and you should be able control the various functions displayed on the screen using your computer. Also, the screen on the 06 may return to full functionality.

III. Other possible techniques [From the 06HD manual]
To unfreeze the naviagation screen:

A. With the unit turned on, press and hold left arrow button for several seconds.

B. If A, above, doesn’t work, press and hold front sleep/hold button for about 5 seconds to allow system to restart. Allow 30-60 seconds for main menu to appear and network connections to be established.

IV. Update firmware

According to Olive, this works only on the 04HD. To perform the update, turn the Olive on while simultaneously pressing the following two buttons, and keeping both pressed down for about 6 seconds:


This should trigger the installation and, during same, do not turn off or interrupt the installation process. If the installation is completed successfully this could restore the unit’s normal functionality.

V. Recovery If all the above fails, try a recovery as follows:

A. Format a USB stick (pocket or external drive) with at least 4gb of capacity in the FAT 32 Format by going to Wikihow and entering the following in their search window:
“how to format for fat 32”
This can be done on a pc or mac and I found that it was much easier on my iMac using the disc utility app.
B. After the formatting is complete insert the stick in the USB port of your computer and download the following files on your computer:







The exact size of the above files are as follows:
ODBInstall.tar.gz – 1,845,999,048 bytes for 03HD, 04HD, AND 06HD
RecoveryCD.img – 617,582,080 bytes (for 03HD, 04HD, AND 06HD)

You can use these values to check if a proper download was performed. For example you can check the “properties” of the downloaded files and the file size will read something like this:
“1.71 GB (1,845,999,048 bytes}” for each ODBinstall.tar.gz and
“582 MB” for each RecoveryCD.img.

C. Copy the two downloaded software recovery files from the download folder to the USB stick by dragging the files from the download folder to the stick folder on your computer. Make sure NOT to double-click on, or open, the recovery files you have downloaded.

D. On the Olive, turn off the main power switch, press both the center and down buttons, while turning on the main power switch. A message on the screen should prompt you to
“Please insert the Recovery/USB stick now”.
Insert the stick and you should get a message on the screen saying “recovery in progress”; along with a bar moving slowing from 0% to 100%. After about 30 minutes, the bar should reach 100% and the screen will revert to the standard “system starting up..please wait” message. Follow these instructions and WAIT. Then, after a fairly long period (1 to 2 hours) the screen will show “finalizing recovery” after which the screen should revert to the standard black screen with the green “Olive”, and the date. If this happens the recovery has been successfully completed.

E. If the step in section D, above, doesn’t work, turn the Olive off, insert the stick and turn the Olive on, both with and without the center and down buttons pressed, and this may initiate the recovery as described above.

VI. If the Olive is dead and the rear master power switch does not turn it on.
Take off the cover by removing the security screws using a screwdriver with a proper bit for the screws (mine was a No. 4 Tri-wing and a 3/32 “ hex). Look for one (HD04) or two HD06) fuses in the cabinet near the power switch, and replace as necessary with 2 amp 250 volt fuses.

VII. Replace the hard drive
A. Purchase a Western Digital WD20EURS hard disc drive (recommended by Olive – accept no substitutes) and replace the old drive in a 04HD and a 06HD by following these steps:
B. Remove the SATA and the power cables from the side of the old hard drive.
C.Using a No. 1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws connecting the support bracket (for the drive) to the base of the cabinet and remove the bracket ,with the hard drive still mounted on it, from the cabinet.
D. Remove the 4 shoulder screws connecting the bracket to the two sides of the old hard drive.
E. Remove the old hard drive, replace it with the new drive and reverse the above procedure to complete the installation of the new drive.
F. Follow the recovery procedure set forth in section V. above to restore full functionality of the unit.
G. If you have a backup of your library on an USB external hard drive, you can use the standard “Restore” function of your unit to capture your library.

VIII. Contact Olive support

You may be able to engage with a person from the Olive Support team by contacting them at:

Email address: info at olivehd.com


Web site: