Update 2019-10-01:

  • New version of IT-Tool v3.1 with lots of new functionality.
  • Help pages are updated.
  • New DCC projects are added.

Update 2019-08-01:

  • New version of IT-Tool v3.0 with lots of new functionality. It is now possible to add a listview and many more controls in the near future.
  • Note that the help pages on this website are not yet updated, due to a technical error in the help generation. The help file that is included with the program is updated for this new functionality. Also the demo files and examples are upgraded where needed and new demo’s are added for new functioanlity.

Update 2019-05-17:

  • New version of IT-Tool v2.9 that solves some small bugs. New functions are added and ELSEIF is now possible.
  • New tool, Message Extractor is added. This tool can extract attachments and information from an Outlook .msg file

Update 2019-03-22:

  • New version of IT-Tool v2.8 that solves some small bugs. New functions and settings are added.
  • New tool, Clipboard Assist is added.
  • MQPut v1.3 is added. Based on MQv9.04 and added JMS message as bytes.

Update 2019-02-17:

  • New version of IT-Tool v2.7 that solves some small bugs. A splash screen is added plus some extra settings and functions.

Update 2018-12-10:

  • New version of IT-Tool v2.6 that includes menus and many more. Addons are now part of the program. Also an Help file is added instead of documentation in pdf.
  • IT-Tool Help is now also available via the website.

Update 2018-06-18:

  • The whole site has been rebuild in the background;
  • Posts about DIY DCC are added.